02 - Zero Hunger close
Name of Solution Organization SDG Country Status
Government of Kenya, WFP 02 - Zero Hunger Brazil, Kenya, Namibia, Zambia Ongoing
WFP 02 - Zero Hunger Fiji Completed
FAO 02 - Zero Hunger Cabo Verde, Cameroon, Senegal Completed
IFAD, Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation (SDC), European Union (EU) 02 - Zero Hunger Bangladesh, Cambodia, China Ongoing
N/A 02 - Zero Hunger India, United States of America Completed
GEF Small Grants Programme 02 - Zero Hunger Cuba Completed
National Fund for Educational Development, Ministry of Education of Brazil, FAO and WFP 02 - Zero Hunger Antigua and Barbuda, Brazil, Cambodia, Ethiopia Ongoing
Luxembourg and UNAIDS (Unified Budget, Results and Accountability Framework) Funds 02 - Zero Hunger Cameroon, Ethiopia Ongoing
The Social Policy Cabinet of the Vice-President of Dominican Republic 02 - Zero Hunger Dominican Republic Ongoing
WFP 02 - Zero Hunger Cuba, Ethiopia, Kenya Completed