Reverse Linkage Project between the Kyrgyz Republic and Indonesia on Artificial Insemination of Livestock
Reverse Linkage Project between the Kyrgyz Republic and Indonesia on Artificial Insemination of Livestock
Boosting Kyrgyz Republic’s livestock production and productivity through proven and customised knowledge and expertise from Indonesia


Agriculture is vital for the economy and people of the Kyrgyz Republic, employing 40% of the workforce. However, it contributes only 20% of GDP, with livestock responsible for more than half that total. Cattle are the main element of the livestock sector in the country, and given that prominence, improved productivity could have a major effect on the country’s overall prosperity. The livestock sector’s poor productivity has several root causes, including obsolete equipment, outdated technology, and inadequate financial support. Another significant cause is the lack of staff skilled and trained in artificial insemination techniques.

Currently, the KSRILP is the only operational institution performing artificial insemination in the country. However, the institute uses outdated processes, only producing about 10% of the country’s requirements of frozen semen doses.

Therefore, the challenge is to strengthen the capacity of the Institute to support the overall development of the livestock sector in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Towards a Solution

The Singosari National Artificial Insemination Centre (SNAIC) is the leading center in Indonesia for livestock breeding, helping to improve the productivity and genetic quality of livestock in the country. The SNAIC produces and distributes high-quality frozen semen, helping farmers increase the number of cattle and their productivity with a resultant increase in their income.

The SNAIC can produce more than 3.5 million doses of frozen semen a year, in accordance with international standards, using a high-quality extender and calibrated equipment under ISO 9001 certified management. Supported by more than 100 dedicated and qualified staff, the Center has also developed and improved artificial insemination (AI) technology. Thus, the SNAIC has 30 years’ experience in providing capacity development services to both domestic and international partners, including conducting training in AI and related fields in more than 20 countries in Africa and Asia.

Through its ongoing work in the Kyrgyz Republic, the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) has become aware of the need to increase livestock productivity and the role that the Kyrgyz Scientific Research Institute of Livestock and Pastures should play in this regard.

Meanwhile, a Memorandum of Understanding between the IsDB and the Government of Indonesia committed Indonesia to share its expertise and support the development of other member countries. As Indonesia had a comparative advantage in livestock technologies, the Singosari National Artificial Insemination Centre was identified as a suitable source of expertise. As a result, the IsDB was able to match the needs of the Kyrgyz Republic with Indonesia’s expertise.

To close the loop, the IsDB coordinated and funded a peer-to-peer consultation process to design solutions to the problem. To ensure joint ownership, the Governments of both the Kyrgyz Republic and Indonesia contributed to the project’s financing, together with the IsDB.

The project aims to improve the capacity of the Kyrgyz Republic to enhance livestock production and productivity. The project main activities are as follows:

  • Organizing a series of training sessions in the planning, design, and management of AI programs and various aspects of animal reproduction for experts and technicians;
  • Formulating and implementing standard operating procedures for AI, and setting up a suitable methodology based on local environment and breeds for progeny testing and evaluation systems for livestock;
  • Establishing a recording system to create a database of local breeds as part of the overall livestock management program in the country;
  • Procuring frozen semen from Indonesia and equipment to facilitate the collection, evaluation, processing, and storage of semen;
  • Adopting the use of new technology for frozen semen production using ‘straws’; and
  • Developing an effective frozen semen distribution system and network.

At the end of the project, KSRILP will be able to develop the national artificial insemination program. The Institute will have strengthened its capacity and established a strong distribution network of frozen semen products to farmers, thereby improving the genetic make-up of local breeds.

Taking part in the project enables the Indonesian Government to fulfill its pledge to share knowledge and expertise with other IsDB countries. In addition, SNAIC has been able to implement its technologies in a new environment, improving its portability. Furthermore, showcasing Indonesian knowledge and expertise in another country will generate good visibility, improving the country’s reputation and bringing new business opportunities.

From the IsDB’s perspective, the project is an efficient and effective way of improving South-South Cooperation among its member countries, helping the Bank to realize its vision and 10-year Strategic Framework

Contact Information

Mr. Aminuddin Mat Ariff, Regional Coordinator (ASIA), IsDB

Countries involved

Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan

Supported by

Islamic Development Bank (IsDB)

Implementing Entities

Kyrgyz Scientific Research Institute of Livestock and Pastures (KSRILP), Ministry of Agriculture, Food Industry and Melioration of the Kyrgyz Republic; Singosari National Artificial Insemination Centre (SNAIC), Ministry of Agriculture of Indonesia

Project Status


Project Period

2015 - 2019

URL of the practice

Primary SDG

02 - Zero Hunger

Secondary SDGs

17 - Partnerships for the Goals

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