Innovation Center for Risk Governance of Beijing Normal University







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The Innovation Center for Risk Governance (ICRG) is an academic institution based at Beijing Normal University. Our research team comprises leading scholars in disaster response, social development, and risk management. We possess the competitive capacity to establish a think tank supporting risk governance and resilient societies in China and Belt and Road countries. We prioritize introducing international concepts and tools, optimizing China's disaster risk governance, and collaborating with enterprises and civil society organizations on the international stage. Over years of responding to large-scale disasters within and outside China, our research team emphasizes both immediate disaster response (developing contingency plans and professional, multi-sectoral response teams) and sustained, data-driven research (utilizing big data, evaluation frameworks, and tools).

Our mission is to manage risks through innovative models, create a more resilient society, and contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our vision is to become a globally renowned think tank in social innovation for risk management.

Our objectives include promoting public education in risk management and disaster reduction, exploring a risk management system driven by social needs and involving diverse actors through mass innovation and joint governance, community-based platforms, and innovative technologies. In addition, we aim to document practices and lessons in risk governance in China and other Belt and Road countries for global experience sharing.

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