Successful Triangular SSC Match between CAF (Latin America) with TECPAR (Brazil) and UNIVILLE (Paraguay)
Successful Triangular SSC Match between CAF (Latin America) with TECPAR (Brazil) and UNIVILLE (Paraguay)
WIPO Match Leveraging IP for Development


Expressed by REDE TT Inova expressed interest receiving technical assistance and training in the field of patent drafting, to understand through best practices and business models, how to better conduct   businesses between private sector and institutions linked to the innovation ecosystem. To offer workshops and trainings to its network in order to disseminate the best technology transfer   practices.

Towards a Solution

REDE TT Inova is a powerful network of emerging technology transfer offices spread around 8 countries in Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula. Its main objectives are to disseminate and to create solid technology transfer network with the finality of mapping technological trends in favor of creating technological demands and offers, and to improve the development of the technology transfer scene in the countries where REDE TT Inova is present.

CAF & CYTED are specialized agencies boosting and financing programs related with Science Technology and Innovation (STI’s) fields, the former throughout a thorough evaluation analysis provides financing in diverse areas, for example the allocation of funds to apply for patent rights of inventions developed in Latin America into a CAF member country or even in the United States. Meanwhile the latter, is an international organization comprised by 22 country members fostering development through educational, cultural, social and cooperation programs along its members.

Through WIPO Match, REDE TT Inova & CAF were able to identify needs and offers, finding common ground to establish a capacity building workshop in the area of drafting patents. It is precisely in this perspective that the participants of said program will receive technical training, preparing them to be creditors of financing opportunities to execute future projects related to the subject of STI.

Match: CAF & CYTED promoted the IP workshop denominated “CAF Method for Accelerated Patent Development ”, that took place at Paraguay (add year). The aim is to increase the ability of generating more patent applications at national level as well as to strengthen the application of patents in the USPTO, with the intention of expanding technological commercialization avenues. CAF financed the participation of REDE TT Inova members and CYTED support in the organization and execution of such workshop. As a result, 104 participants were trained and   114 inventions were conceptualized to initially evaluate its patentability criteria.

Follow-Ups: Together with other organizations, CAF will be promoting activities and programs in the area of technological innovation, expecting to kick-off its patent application process designed to support financially high-impact projects covering all three patentability requirements.

Contact Information

Bajoe Wibowo

Supported by

Development Bank of Latin America (CAF) Iberoamerican Program of Science and Technology for Development (CYTED)

Countries involved

Brazil, Paraguay

Implementing Entities

Iberoamerican Network of Technology Transfer and Competitive Technological Innovation (REDE TT Inova) Paraná Institute of Technology (TECPAR) University of the Region of Joinville (UNIVILLE)

Project Status


Project Period

2018 -

Primary SDG

09 - Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Secondary SDGs

09 - Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
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