02 - Zero Hunger close
Name of Solution Organization SDG Countries Status
Government of Brazil and ABC 02 - Zero Hunger Benin,Brazil Completed
World Food Programme (WFP), Luxembourg and UNAIDS (Unified Budget, Results and Accountability Framework) Funds 02 - Zero Hunger Cameroon,Ethiopia Ongoing
Government of Brazil 02 - Zero Hunger Angola,Argentina,Brazil,El Salvador,Guatemala... Ongoing
Brazilian Cooperation Agency (ABC) 02 - Zero Hunger Brazil,Mozambique,South Africa Completed
Brazilian Cooperation Agency (ABC); Federal University of Lavras (UFLA); Government of the DRC 02 - Zero Hunger Brazil,Democratic Republic of the Congo Ongoing
Government of Brazil and Brazilian Cooperation Agency (ABC) 02 - Zero Hunger Brazil,Zimbabwe Ongoing
Ministry of Food and Agriculture (Ghana), ABC and BMZ 02 - Zero Hunger Brazil,Germany,Ghana ---
Government of Brazil and ABC 02 - Zero Hunger Brazil,Guinea Bissau Ongoing
Brazilian Cooperation Agency (ABC), Camões Institute for Cooperation and Language I.P. 02 - Zero Hunger Brazil,Mozambique Ongoing
The 30 members of ISBWG among which not only countries, but also regional governing bodies and affiliated institutions, non-governmental organizations, private sector entities, research institutions and intergovernmental organizations. 02 - Zero Hunger Global Ongoing