Name of Solution Organization Countries Status
PAHO/WHO, the Cuban and Nicaraguan Governments and the Russian Federation Argentina,Bolivia (Plurinational State of),Brazil Completed
PAHO/WHO SAM, Ministries of Health of Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia and Brazil, the Presidential Agency for International Cooperation (APC-Colombia), German Agency for Development Cooperation (GIZ), Andean Health Organization (ORAS-CONHU), Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (ACTO) Bolivia (Plurinational State of),Colombia,Ecuador,Peru Ongoing
PAHO/WHO Argentina,Bahamas,Barbados,Bolivia (Plurinational State of),Brazil... Ongoing
Pan American Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) Dominican Republic,Haiti Completed
PAHO/WHO Costa Rica,Nicaragua Ongoing
PAHO/WHO, BIREME, Ministry of Health of Brazil, FIOCRUZ Angola,Brazil,Cabo Verde Completed
Brazil, Pan American Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) Argentina,Bolivia (Plurinational State of),Brazil,Paraguay Completed
SE-COMISCA, PAHO/WHO Central American (CAM) Subregional Program Belize,Costa Rica,Dominican Republic,El Salvador,Guatemala... Ongoing
PAHO/WHO Bolivia (Plurinational State of),Peru Completed
PAHO/WHO Argentina,Bolivia (Plurinational State of),Brazil,Chile,Colombia... Ongoing