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13 - Climate Action

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The Interdisciplinary Observatory on Climate Change (OIMC) was set up at the Rio de Janeiro State University (UERJ), with the support of the Climate and Society Institute. OIMC brings together professors, researchers, as well as graduate and undergraduate students from different disciplines (political science, sociology, international relations, oceanography and education) to develop policy-relevant research and capacity-building packages on climate change and its linkages with today’s development models in the South.

General Objective

To promote and disseminate research, policy-relevant knowledge and practices on climate change and its relationship with today’s development models and processes of social transformation at local, regional and global levels.

Specific Objectives

  • To build awareness among professors, teachers, researchers, students, technicians and members of the UERJ external community on the importance of climate change in order to conceive future models of sustainable development in Rio de Janeiro.

  • To develop local, national and international research projects and stimulate the production of interdisciplinary knowledge about climate change and its linkages with different areas of knowledge, including the social and human sciences, the natural and exact sciences, as well as in the health sciences.

  • To build capacities of different stakeholders and design training courses for students, technicians, journalists, decision makers and leaders of civil society organizations on the current climate change crisis and the emergence of sustainable measures to adapt and mitigate its effects.

  • To produce and disseminate pedagogical materials and tools that may be useful in the formulation of public policies, considering the interdisciplinary and intersectoral nature of climate change.

  • To elaborate, both theoretically and critically, on the perspectives of nature and society that underlie the discussions listed above.

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