Promotion Association for Mountain-River-Lake Regional Sustainable Development (MRLSD)



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01 - No Poverty, 15 - Life on Land

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Promotion Association for Mountain-River-Lake Regional Sustainable Development (MRLSD) was established in 1999. It is a non-profit, unofficial social organization with independent corporate bodies. The members of MRLSD are mainly enthusiastic organizations and celebrities in Jiangxi Province. At present, the Shanjiang Lake Promotion Association is a member of the World Life Lake Network, South-South Cooperation Network, China Microfinance Alliance, and China's Civil Climate Change Action Network.

MRLSD is willing to cooperate sincerely with domestic and foreign institutions and individuals under the principle of participation, cooperation and sharing, to jointly maintain the health of the Poyang Lake Basin, promote green development in Jiangxi, and support the construction of the Poyang Lake Ecological Economic Zone.


Through carrying out extensive exchanges and cooperation, the introduction of domestic and foreign talents, funds, technology and information, and promotion of all sectors of society in Jiangxi Province to actively participate in actions to protect the environment in the Poyang Lake Basin, and promote the sustainable development of Jiangxi's mountains, rivers and lakes.

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