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Rangeet (www.projectrangeet.com) is a mobile app for schools, families and communities (facilitators) to support the overall wellbeing and development of children aged 7-16. Only one device is needed to implement the program, which is used by the facilitator.

The app features a play-based Social, Emotional and Ecological Knowledge (SEEK) curriculum, as well as teaching-learning resources and activities, designed around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. SEEK supports existing curricula and is based on the science of learning and develops the skills and competencies necessary to thrive with the understanding that every child learns differently.

The app enables anyone to teach in any socioeconomic, geographic or cultural context, in-person or remotely, at home, in schools and/or communities, even in conflict zones and refugee camps. It contains tools that measure impact on children and collects feedback from facilitators. If taught in schools, Rangeet allows teaching to be shared between educators and caregivers, thereby alleviating pressure on the school system whilst fostering mutual responsibility between schools and communities.

Our outcomes are authentic and verifiable: facilitators and learners who go through the full SEEK curriculum experience 75 hours of consistent, in-depth and evaluated lessons, leading to sustained impact, building agency. A search engine allows facilitators to choose lessons/activities to develop specific skills or augment the core curriculum in their context.

Empathy has guided and enabled human beings to thrive throughout history. At Rangeet, we connect the common strand of empathy for Self with those around us in our Societies, and to all life on earth in our Ecological systems. Developing this connection creates a virtuous circle and will drive a change in our relationships with each other and the planet. There has never been a more important time to act.

Our mission is to help facilitators prepare children to be lifelong learners and the global stewards of tomorrow. We do this by:
-Building measurable social, emotional and ecological competencies amongst children, youth and facilitators
-Reducing inequalities caused by differences in income, gender, race, religion, language, geography and digital divides and promoting true learning equity by including all learners in any setting: schools, communities or homes
-Working with existing learning systems by taking individual needs, creativity and the future into account; teaching children skills vital to navigate daily life
-Helping overburdened and under-resourced teachers and school systems

For information please contact us at : simran@projectrangeet.com and info@projectrangeet.com

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