Pan African Institute for Development (PAID)



Disaster Risk Reduction, Health, Natural Resources Management, Peace and Development, Private Sector Development, Research, Science, Technology & Innovation, Sustainability and Environment




01 - No Poverty, 03 - Good Health and Well-being, 04 - Quality Education, 06 - Clean Water and Sanitation, 16 - Peace and Justice Strong Institutions

Organization Type

Academia / Think Tank



Who we are

The Pan African Institute for Development (PAID) is a model African Institute in the area of development, one that trains intermediate and senior development agents and respects the values of democracy, humanity, equity, social justice, good governance and human rights.

PAID is active in development, management activities and capacity building through training. practical field research, technical advisory/consultancy services and publications to address contemporary issues and knowledge gaps. With core staff drawn from a variety of cultural, national and disciplinary background, and supported by network of external consultants from universities and the private sector, it is staffed by highly skilled, experienced and dedicated individuals. Its main objectives are to:

  • Promote action-oriented research and people centered development.

  • Build the capacity of individuals and institutions through the development of business and management skills in an effort to create employment and reduce poverty.

  • Facilitate the development of policy framework for the promotion of good governance and gender equity.

  • Put in place mechanisms for the promotion of environmental sustainability with a view to achieving sustainable development.

  • Diploma in Development Studies - Micro-initiatives and Economic empowerment - Gender, Governance and Development.

  • Capacity building and Institutional strengthening

  • General Management

  • Environment and Development

  • Health and Development

  • Computer and IT programmes


  • Ensuring a high level of satisfaction for trainees and organizations that benefit from training;

  • Developing a culture of initiative in trainees;

  • Making trainees model managers

  • Ensuring satisfaction for the teaching staff and employees of PAID in general (at the General Secretariat and regional Institutes.

Focus Area

  • To increase the number of senior innovative development oriented managers in Africa

  • To promote not only skills and capacity but also leadership in their field through internship in specially selected countries.

  • To build the capacity of students handle challenges in the area of peace, conflict, disaster management and humanitarian issues.

  • Enhance the understanding of participants’ ability to respond to the social, economic and political processes in development.

  • Enhance their skills in innovation and entrepreneurship, environmental management and regional issues.

  • Developing expertise in innovations and entrepreneurship, environment, agriculture, and regional planning and project development.

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