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02 - Zero Hunger, 03 - Good Health and Well-being, 04 - Quality Education, 05 - Gender Equality, 06 - Clean Water and Sanitation, 09 - Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, 10 - Reduced Inequalities, 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities, 16 - Peace and Justice Strong Institutions, 17 - Partnerships for the Goals

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Open Burkina is a NGO working to support to improve decision-making through better management of data. Management means collection, crganizing, storing, using, and opening

Our Work

  • Research: All action being informed by evidence, Open Burkina conducts data research activities in Burkina Faso. These activities focus on the state of the data, their potential and the difficulties associated with their management. This research not only helps us to better orient our actions, but it is also used as evidence to obtain the commitment of development actors.


  • Advocacy: The potential of data has a causal link with the development of technology. Starting from the observation that the level of appropriation of this technological development is still rudimentary, it goes without saying that the theme of data management is not yet sufficiently convincing. However, it is essential to have a good level of commitment from the highest authorities in favor of open data to have a chance of having an impact. Open Burkina undertakes advocacy actions with development actors (government, private sector, civil society, NGOs), with the aim of engaging them all in a process towards mastering the data revolution.

  • Training: The various research and workshops on data in Africa in general, return to the need to have more skills on data issues to face the challenges of the moment. These skills are not only limited to traditional questions of statistics or databases, but also address emerging issues such as big data, data science and artificial intelligence. Open Burkina, as a center of excellence in data for development is a leading actor to offer training programs to remove the barrier of insufficient skills.

  • Assistance: With its extensive experience, Open Burkina supports organizations in defining their priorities, and in developing an action plan whose implementation leads to full control of the data assets and to an operation that supports the development objectives of the organization, but also of the whole nation. 

  • Digital Tools: The management of data requires the use of digital tools. The right tools and their proper use is a sine qua non for the success of a data mission. We support organizations by guiding their choices, and if necessary, by creating tailor-made tools for specific needs. 


We are entering a world where the production of data is exploding and the ability to exploit it is becoming more and more accessible. At the dawn of this fourth industrial revolution, Open Burkina nourishes the vision of a Burkina Faso where data is the essence of development, serving in complete transparency and in the protection of the individual, the decision-making of the authority both at central and local level.


To support development actors to better collect, structure, use and open data, while respecting people's privacy and preserving the interests of the nation.

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