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Mayor Farms is an integrated agri-business engaged in commercial egg production, commercial broiler production, food processing & packaging, agri-products marketing and other related ventures.

The company was promoted in April 2012 by Ahmed Alli and Yemi Ogundein to meet the need in the poultry industry. Mayor Farms was conceived initially out of desire to diversify the business interest and broaden our investment portfolio to hedge against the inherent risks in the financial services industry.

The choice of agriculture was made after a careful review of very sustainable businesses that would be relevant irrespective of economic challenges. The relevance and continued importance of agriculture on the survival of mankind also informed our choice which also is in-line with our business philosophy of always trying to meet needs.

To achieve desired success in this new line of business venture, we under-studied various farms within the Southwest of Nigeria and got training at the Animal Care institute in Poultry Management. The relationships we made at this early stage proved most valuable to the way the business has been run as we could learn from the mistake of others, avoiding early financial losses associated with most business ventures. Therefore, in March 2012 after much planning, we acquired 10acres of land in Elere Village, Obafemi Owode LGA Ogun State and which has increased progressively to over 40acres though we only occupy less than 15 acres of land. The reason for this continuous land acquisition is in line with our long-term vision for the farm

Mayor Foods and Processing Co. Ltd was incoporated in 2014 to harness the opportunities in the processed meat market by not only rearing our broilers but also processing and distribution. We now supply hotels, caterers, retail stores, quick service restaurant, open market shops, private homes and quite believe we can broaden our reach with expanded production and processing capacity..

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