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Internet Technologies Ltd was founded in the UK in 1999 and this was followed almost immediately by the launch of a branch office in Nigeria, in the same year. The company was founded by the directors, Oyewole, Tanimola T. and Oyewole, Olanrewaju J., to bring European tech-savvy into the Nigerian economy. In addition to this, there is a deep desire by the board, to try and participate in the re-construction of Nigeria, as such, in addition to the business imperative, there is also a drive to contribute to the peoples and economies of our host communities. The company is young, as reflected in our key colleagues, and we have imbibed the philosophy and work attitudes of conscience and industry leaders who we hope to emulate.


To create a software systems engineering and consulting corporation, providing beneficial services to the communities within which it operates, excelling by striving for highest quality deliverables, and garnering a dominant position in the technology sector of the Nigerian economy within 10 years of January 2000.

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