06 - Clean Water and Sanitation

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Impact Water Nigeria (IW) – formally registered as Global Impact H20 Innovations Ltd. – is a social enterprise dedicated to scaling safe drinking water solutions in Nigeria. IW targets SDG pillar institutions such as schools and, soon, health facilities.

Impact Water believes that every student has the right to safe drinking water at school; we currently provide safe drinking water to over 30,000 schools in Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda. To date, IW has installed safe drinking water systems in over 8,000 Nigerian schools, reaching over 3m students.

Before Impact Water launched in Uganda, boiling was often the only tool schools had to make drinking water safe for their students. Schools struggled with the cost of firewood as well as the hours lost to the chore of boiling water. Affordable water purification strategies were largely absent in the market, which inspired Impact Water to innovate a new approach. We installed our first water purification system in Uganda in 2013. We now aim to make universal coverage of safe drinking water systems a reality in schools across Africa.

Our Team

Impact Water is led by a dedicated global team, based in the U.S., and multinational teams in its 3 country offices in Uganda, Kenya and Nigeria.  We’re entrepreneurs, development practitioners, social scientists, marketeers, and project managers by training, and we’re deeply committed to what we do.

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