Instituto de Investigación Estado Territorio y Economía (IIETE)



Industrial Development




09 - Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

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Academia / Think Tank




The Instituto de Investigación Estado Territorio y Economía (State, Territory and Economic Research Institute, IIETE), is made up of professionals and scholars from different faculties and the Universidad Nacional del Litoral (UNL), Argentina. It specializes in research and analysis of issues of Regional Development, articulating the central role that the redefinition of the Territory and quality State institutions at different levels have come to occupy for their economic insertion in the current processes of globalization.

It aims to be an area of ​​critical reflection, systematization, production and socialization of knowledge and, at the same time, a training center for researchers who work within the framework of the UNL. Its challenge is to develop lines of action with the different actors of civil society and the national and regional State, and to articulate actions with other national and international academic centers.

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