Hangzhou Regional Center (Asia-Pacific) for SHP / National Research Institute for Rural Electrification



Agriculture, Food and Rural Development, Development Cooperation, Renewable Energy, Science, Technology & Innovation




07 - Affordable and Clean Energy, 13 - Climate Action, 17 - Partnerships for the Goals

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Regional Organization





Co-sponsored by the United Nations Development Program and the Chinese government, Hangzhou Regional Center for Small Hydro Power (HRC) was established in 1981. HCR has been engaged in foreign-aid training, international cooperation and technical exchange on small hydropower and other renewable energy with a long history and remarkable achievements. The training programs of HRC have realized five strides: the training venue has been extended from domestic to both domestic and overseas, the training forms expanded from multilateral to both multilateral and bilateral, the working language ranges from monolingual to multilingual such as English, French, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese, the training level ranges from technical training, seminars to ministerial workshop, training content extended from small hydropower technology to water conservancy, hydropower, renewable energy, climate change and other areas.

With the support from Chinese government and international organizations, HRC carries out joint research and development, technology transfer, project demonstrations, etc. The layouts and setting-up of overseas technical transfer, research and training centers in the countries along the Belt and Road effectively promote the development of clean energy and the construction of rural electrification in developing countries, thus benefiting the local people. With a positive spillover effects of the centers, the technologies on SHP and other renewable energy are being developed in other developing countries, which gives rise to the exploitation and utilization of the energy resources and promotes the energy sustainable development in the world.


To promote development of small hydro power (SHP) by conducting training, R+D, consultation, design and information dissemination etc for the developing countries.

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