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doctHERs is a novel healthcare marketplace that is working for the financial inclusion and contribution of female doctors to millions of underserved patients via technology assisted methods. Through a unique business model, doctHERs provides access to affordable, quality healthcare in Pakistan to a subset of the 'missing middle' population that includes women and children, which is not served by conventional healthcare providers. doctHERs is a digital health platform that matches the underutilized capacity of female doctors (who otherwise would be excluded from the workforce) to the unmet need of health consumers

Our Services:

  1. CORPORATE: We provide tech-enabled health & wellness solutions to drive employee performance, productivity and retention for workers at factories and corporate offices and for 3rd party staff connected to corporate value-chains.

  2. COMMUNITIES: We collaborate with Corporate & NGO Partners to promote health awareness, conduct medical screenings, deliver consultations and provide access to prescription medicines for low-income, high-risk and underserved communities while building the capacity of local frontline health workers.

  3. CONSUMERS: We design and deliver engaging activations that focus on consumer health and wellbeing via online and offline platforms such as schools & universities, malls, corporate events & digital media.

  4. MEDICAL EDUCATION: We engage Health Care Professionals (HCPs) such as doctors, nurses and LHW and provide them with leading edge info on diagnostic and therapeutic advances via in-person training and online peer education.

How we Create Value:

  1. EMPLOYEE HEALTH & WELLNESS: We create custom solutions for employees and contractors in your company's value chain.

  2. PATIENT-CENTERED PRIMARY CARE: Our interactive, relationship-based approach informs, educates and empowers your employees.

  3. INTEGRATED HEALTHCARE: We don't work in silos. Our teams coordinate care between providers, labs and pharmacies lo deliver a seamless user experience.

  4. DIGITAL HEALTH SOLUTIONS: From telemedicine and EMR to digital payments to e-prescriptions, we digitize the entire healthcare value chain to improve quality and reduce cost.

  5. HD VIDEO CONSULTANTS: We provide you with 24/7 access to leading specialists and consultants through the simple convenience of a smart-phone.

  6. SHARED VALUE: We drive meaningful outcomes for all stakeholders, patients, providers, pharmaceuticals and public-private partnerships.

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