Childreen and Youth Development Center (CDEJ)



Capacity Building, Child Development, Climate Change, Education, Health, Youth




01 - No Poverty, 02 - Zero Hunger, 03 - Good Health and Well-being, 04 - Quality Education, 05 - Gender Equality, 06 - Clean Water and Sanitation, 07 - Affordable and Clean Energy, 16 - Peace and Justice Strong Institutions, 17 - Partnerships for the Goals

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Founded in 2014 in the peri-urban community of Tsevié, Togo, the Childreen and Youth Development Center (CDEJ) currently assists 277 beneficiaries initially identified as children aged 3 to 7 living in vulnerable or low-income families. Today these beneficiaries have grown, and we count among them 226 adolescents and young people.

All beneficiaries are schooled and receive medical and nutritional support, and are therefore free to discover how talented and passionate they are. Many of them plan to pursue professional careers in fields such as: music, medicine, education, commerce, IT, accounting, business management, astronomy, finance, banking, agriculture, crafts (carpentry, masonry, painting...), civil engineering, architecture, baking, journalism. The goal is to make these children and young people responsible leaders, economically autonomous and committed to the well-being of their families and communities.


To free children from poverty through the protection of their rights and the implementation of holistic development programmes aimed at the spiritual growth of children and young people, good Health, development of skills, youth empowerment, promotion of youth leadership and entrepreneurship

Fields of Intervention

  • Child protection

  • Education and vocational training in crafts and IT professions

  • Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

  • Health & Nutrition,

  • Food safety,

  • Socio-emotional development of young people,


  • Engagement

  • Integrity

  • Dignity 

  • Excellence

  • Good Management

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