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Bridge Africa ADC was founded in 2003 and since then, we have evolved from a single development implementation agency to a large group of multidisciplinary and diverse team of experts that includes economists, engineers, public policy experts, sector experts and social scientists spread across the South working in diverse locations but part of a global network of partnerships with a passion for capacity development.

What drives us

Our mission is to use our knowledge and skills to unlock the potential in all development agencies who need it to build a sustainable future. As the world evolves, so does the demand on development actors. The catalysts vary: from geopolitics, to policy and legal reform, from new technologies to market forces and from cultural evolution to new knowledge. We recognize all these.

Our approach

Our approach – grounded in over a decade of experience and committed to creating difference — is to focus on systems and people’s capabilities. Even in an uncertain environment. Through our technical assistance and support services, we’ve become thought and practice leaders in resilience programing; governance and public policy; institutional development and mobilizing the private sector to create sustainable impact and change. This is what makes us different. In other words, a key focus of our approach is encouraging sustainability and long-term legacies in everything we and our clients do.

Values and Principles

  • Integrity: We are dedicated to upholding the value and principle of preserving our independence, integrity and freedom from bias in all the work that we do.

  • Respect: Doing the right things for the right reasons. At Bridge Africa ADC, we all have a shared responsibility to do business in ways that respect, protect and benefit our clients, partners, our employees, our communities and our environment.

  • Citizenship: Supporting the communities in which we live and work to create a better future for all.

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