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08 - Decent Work and Economic Growth, 16 - Peace and Justice Strong Institutions

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Asociación de Investigación y Estudios Sociales (ASIES) is a private non-profit organization dedicated to research on and analysis of issues most relevant to Guatemala. ASIES’ research program focuses on economics, political science, and the legal system. It proposes policy options that are democratic, pluralistic, transparent and fair.ASIES provides a forum for national discussion, promoting dialogue and reflection on national issues and their regional and international implications. It also aims to stimulate citizen participation in the political process as a way of strengthening democracy in Guatemala. It advises and cooperates with public and private entities and contributes to the formation of Guatemalan democratic institutions and strengthening of political parties.


Solidarity as a means for the realization of a policy that looks at true human development. (John Paul II)

  • Respect for human dignity

  • Participation and citizen integration

  • Respect for human rights


Promote and encourage research, study and interpretation of national and international problems, to propose solutions aimed at promoting a democratic, pluralistic and fair coexistence.


  • Promote activities and meetings that facilitate the approach of models and proposals for a solution to the national problem.

  • Advise and cooperate with public and private entities.

  • Contribute to the democratic formation of Guatemalans and the strengthening of the institutionality of political parties.

  • Serve as a national forum to analyze and propose solutions to local, national and regional issues.

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